Phoenix Emperor's Archives & Records (PEAR) Team

Welcome to the PEAR page!!!

What is PEAR

As mentioned, PEAR is organizing the archives of the Empire.

The group is composed of 6 players who decided to volunteer to help to update all the data of the game...

For example, which monster loots what, which quest(s) do I need to do to obtain good loots, which level is required to use a weapon ...

Here are the members if you need to contact us:

  • Forum names (alphabetical order):
    • Bahzell
    • Estev
    • Overo
    • Stardragon
    • Susej
    • Tmac
  • In-game names(alphabetical order):
    • Bahzell (FE44B6)
    • Estev (AB2589)
    • Overo (34DCD4)
    • Stardragon (8533CE)
    • Susej (6F8E71)
    • Tmac (2a3869)

Honorary Lifetime Member

  • Solo116 (22ec3d)

Our duties & yours

As explained, we are players like you.

Our concern is to enhance the game-play, to give you tips about it and to update the data.

We are not devs and can't change the system!

You can of course mention us if data is incorrect or if you wish the Compendium to be amended. For example, we thought it would be a nice idea to add to each item what the estimated drop rate is... Or ask us if something is not clear for you

The Spreadsheet

Long before the Compendium was created, a spreadsheet had been created and updated with all data. Some players still find it useful as in addition to the Compendium information, there are also a lot of formulas which will help you in the game. Like:

  • Which land to buy next if you want to optimize ROI
  • Which items are not used and for which I'm paying useless upkeep
  • An equipment optimizer
  • etc...

Shoutout to Estev for Making the 2017 Version!

So of course, we will keep the spreadsheet updated for you... And will keep the following link updated so you don't need to look for it when you want to download it... (The spreadsheet is below under attachments)

The PEAR Team

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