Welcome to the Phoenix Emperor! You will find below tips and help on how to play the game. If this does not contain the answer to your question please head over to the FAQ-Section. Enjoy your stay!


From the home page, you have access to the following tabs:

  • Property: Earn money off the land and properties you purchase with gold. You first need land to build properties. TIP: You need to earn money from your land and properties to pay your army's upkeep costs!
  • Ancestors: Use your Phoenix Marks or buy more to obtain special items and to instantly regain stats.
  • Vault: Secure your gold from being lost in battle by depositing it. You take up to 10% loss, but it's likely better than what you could lose in battles.
  • Temple: Honoring the ancestors with gold restores your health.
  • Profile: Change your headline that appears under your name from this page (unlock at level 7).

You can also browse through the following tabs:

  • Stats: See your quest and battle accomplishments.
  • Skill: When you level-up, you get 3 stats to place, which you can divide among attack, defense, health, mana, and spirit. TIP: You need mana for quests and spirit to do battle with players.
  • Inventory: Everything you own right down to loots, lands, and equipment.
  • Message: Leave real-time messages on your board. To send a private message, you need to use a trained pigeon. The trained pigeons return once every 24 hours, but you can use Phoenix Marks to get unlimited trained pigeons.

More info on the Homescreen page


Gain levels, gold, and items by completing Phoenix Emperor quests. Each tab is a different quest set. As you level up, you will see more tabs and more quests, and the previous quests will cost you less mana.

  • Spectres: Players that become spectres will see additional quests unlocked after the second quest tab.

More info on the Quests page.


Attack players using your army. You will automatically use your best equipment when battling. (The best equipment correspond to the equipment which attack + defense points are the highest).

The number of soldiers you can bring into battle equals up to 3 times your level (Ex: Level 5 x 3 = 15 soldiers). Your soldiers are each equipped with 1 weapon, 1 armor, and 1 spell from your inventory. Note that you can bring to battle a maximum number of army members that your opponent can use, so attacking a lower level will decrease the army size you can fight with.

Gain experience and receive gold when you arise victorious in battle.

More info on the Battle? page

Bounty System

Seek revenge by "placing a bounty" on a player from their profile. Bounty prices are based on 2/3 cycle of income (average of yours and the player you are about to bounty). The bounty price doubles if you place more than one bounty on the same player in 24 hours.

Exception: if your bountied opponent defeated you 5 or more times within 24 hours and you place a subsequent bounty, the price increases by only 20%.

More info on the Battle? page


You can attack the dark forces of the Phoenix Empire at any level under the Monster tab in the Battle section.

Click on an image thumbnail to view RPG dialogue. Monsters costs a minimum of 1 spirit to fight and will cost more with higher levels.

Bosses in orange cost more spirit and sometimes mana to defeat. Most monsters drop loot, but bosses drop elite items and higher gold.

Regular monsters drop standard loots randomly with a low loot percentage chance.<br>

  • Spectres: Players that become spectres will see additional monsters randomly under the monsters tab.

More info on the Monsters page.


Buy and sell Weapons, Armor, Spells, and Relics (you take a loss on items you sell). The more you level, the more equipment available to you. You also need to purchase equipment for your army!

Sometimes you need to use mana to learn a spell, but it does not cost mana to use it.

Equipment: Relics

Relics can be purchased from the Equipment section, but can also be obtained from quests and monsters. Elite relics can be crafted from the Alchemy table in the tavern using the required recipes.

More info on the Items page.


Recruit players into your army with an upkeep cost (soldiers need to be paid). You can also make money by accepting invites from other players under your Army tab. View your army and send real-time messages to them through the Broadcast feature. To invite your friends who are playing the game, get their army code and send them an invitation to your army. TIP: Your army code is under the Army tab.


See all the Champions of the Empire, and be recognized as one of them!


At the Tavern you can buy lottery tickets or visit the marketplace to buy and sell amongst other players (unlock at level 10).

  • Marketplace: Buy and sell your loots and older equipment to other players. All sales are final and all items put for sale cannot be cancelled, only purchased.
  • Direct Trade: If a player requests a direct trade to sell a loot to you, the sale request will appear at the top of the Marketplace tab under the tavern. To request a trade with a player, visit that player's profile and tap Trade from that player's profile.

  • Lottery: You can purchase unlimited lottery tickets from three different lotteries in the Tavern. Tickets can be purchased with gold or Phoenix Marks and can be selected by clicking different combinations of images. Lotto drawings have a 48-hour window of time in which players can buy tickets. The drawings take place a few minutes after ticket sales have closed. There is a time break between each lottery where tickets cannot be purchased until the next lottery begins. All lottery sales are final.

More info on the Tavern? page

Transfer Account to Another Device

Visit the Settings tab from your home screen and follow the instructions listed under Account Transfer. Transfers are one-way only. This means that any account associated with the new device will be overwritten with the transferred account. All Codxp accounts transfer together.

Reset Your Account

You can completely reset your account under the Ancestors by scrolling down to the Army section. Under the Army section, tap the Reset button and follow the confirmation instructions. All account resets are final.

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