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Guide - Trading

Trading is one of the three sources to earn money in PE (the others being combat & property income). Trading is often the most lucrative income source for most players

Basic information

  • Tavern opens at L10.
  • Direct trade opens at L30.
  • All sales require a 10% fee to post (paid by the seller). For example: to sell something for 1m gold, you will need 100,000 gold on hand (not in vault) to post the sale.
  • All sales expire after 5 days, posting fee is not returned.


  • You can filter by type (all, weapons, armor, other).
  • You can filter by price

Direct trade

  • At L30 you have the option to use direct trade.
  • To direct trade, go to the person's wall. Click trade. Click sell, then procede as normal.

Note 1: if you are selling multiple items to a person, you will need to click "Trade" each time on their wall, failing to do so results in any sale after the 1st going into the genral sale.
Note 2: Pending direct trades appear at the top of the market tab for the buyer.


  • If you overprice your goods, be prepared to lose the market fee/sale.
  • For rare, expensive items, it's best to find a buyer before placing the item for sale (e.g. Roses, Essences, other collectables)
  • BC is a great place to price check items.

Note: Only looted spells can be sold at the market, not the ones you purchase from the equipment tab.


Successful traders can acheive the The Merchants champions list.

Related Ancestor Perks

  • Empire Merchant status. Cost: 20 marks for 30 days.
  • Effect: allows you to increase sale slots from 3 to 20.