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Trading is one of the three sources to earn money in PE (the others being combat & property income). Trading is often the most lucrative income source for most players

Basic information: Tavern opens at L10. Direct trade opens at L30. All sales require a 10% fee to post (paid by the seller). For example: to sell something for 1m gold, you will need 100,000 gold on hand (not in vault) to post the sale. All sales expire after 5 days, posting fee is not returned.

Filters: You can filter by type (all, weapons, armor, other). You can filter by price

Direct trade: At L30 you have the option to use direct trade. To direct trade, go to the person's wall. Click trade. Click sell, then procede as normal. Note: if you are selling multiple items to a person, you will need to click "Trade" each time on their wall, failing to do so results in any sale after the 1st going into the genral sale. Pending direct trades appear at the top of the market tab for the buyer.

Tips: If you overprice your goods, be prepared to lose the market fee/sale. For rare, expensive items, it's best to find a buyer before placing the item for sale (e.g. Roses, essences, other collectables) BC is a great place to price check items. Spells: only looted spells can be sold at market, not the ones you purchase from the equipment tab.

Rewards: Successful traders can achive the The Merchants champions list.

Related Ancestor Perks: Empire Merchant status. Cost: 20 marks for 30 days. Effect: allows you to increase sale slots from 3 to 20.