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Spectre Race Guide

1. What are the advantages of becoming a Spectre?

A. Bonus Timers

  • 60 minute gold timer
  • 2 minute mana timer
  • 2.5 minute health timer
  • 4.25 minute spirit timer

B. Exclusive Quests and Loots

Break The Seal Embedded Beneath The Entryway
Defeat River Demon Lethe To Release Trapped Girl
Enter The Phoenix's Realm To Learn Battle Plans
Summon The Energy Of The Spirit Realm
Commune With The Spirit Of The Phoenix Oracle

C. Exclusive Monsters and Loots

Celestial Raider
Lethe Spirit
High Chamber Demon

D. Properties

Burial Grounds

2. How to become a Spectre?

A. Do it Yourself Route

This route will take a lot of patience, mana, gold, and looting.

Level Requirement: 150
Army Size: 350
Mana: 275
Gold: TBD
Race Restriction: None


B. Quick Route

Purchase the required items (5 void pendant and 1 guardian key) and complete quest

Level Requirement: 150
Army Size: 350
Mana: 275
Gold: 1000000000
Race Restriction: Orc, Human, Elf, Dwarf

3. What Happens When You Rebirth?

  • You lose all army members, properties, equipment, loots.
  • Your vaulted gold is kept.
  • You retain your Phoenix Emblem if you have one.
  • Your previous links are still active.
  • You rebirth as a level 10 spectre and receive the following start-up properties, loots, and equipment:
    • 1X spectre emblem
    • 3X silver band
    • 3X guardian trinket
    • 3X ancient ring
    • 3X frost band
    • TO BE UPDATED/CONFIRMED: what properties do you receive etc...
  • You will have 30 skill points to allocate
  • You will need to start recruiting an army
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