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Skill Point Distribution Guide

Once you know where your journey is taking you... level 150 or spectre, you next need to consider "when I get to Level 150 what will my skill points look like?" At level 150, you will have been given 450 skill points. How will you have spent them? Where will your "Health" setting be? How much "Mana", How much "Spirit", and what will your "Attack / Defense?" look like. You need to figure these out early, so you can plan to have the character you want at level 150.


  • 850 Mana: mark refill cost 10
  • 855 Mana: mark refill cost 11
  • 955 Mana: mark refill cost 12
  • 1025 Mana: mark refill cost 13

Note: The highest mana required to attempt any quests is 467. Also, the Spectre rebirth quest is 275


  • 25 Spirit: mark refill cost 10
  • 26 Spirit: mark refill cost 11
  • @40 Spirit: mark refill cost 16
  • @42 Spirit: mark refill cost 17

Note: The highest spirit required to attack any monster is 6


Health point distribution is seen as somewhat invalid as you can heal at the temple. Though, during higher levels if health is distributed in a calculated fashion, you can prevent yourself from receiving deaths as your health will fall into the guardian protection.

Note: If someone really wants to farm you they will ride it out.

Attack Points

Defence Points

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