Recruitment system & tactics

Recruitment is crucial for PE & often it can be frustrating since the system doesn't use "auto-recruit back". If someone recruits you, you will need to recruit back in order to get them in your army.

Basic information

  • You need 3 army per level (e.g. at L10, you want to have 30 army members).
  • Army costs begin at 0 gold, after lvl 10? it begins to increase. By lvl 150 the cost is 241 gold per member (with an income of 11 gold per army you are in)
  • On every person's wall, just below their name is the option to recruit.
  • Recruiting back is done in the Army tab.

Recruit tactics

  1. Army broadcast. Request that an army member broadcast your code, works best if you leave a public link on thier wall. Do not overuse this tactic.
  2. The champion lists. You are most likely to get recruit backs from the Wise, Wealthy, and Military strong lists. Warlords tend not to recruit large armies.
  3. Link walls. Several players host well known link walls, leave your link & find others in the process of recruiting. Ask your mentor to direct you to these sources.
  4. Follow the comments: Pick a wall, recruit, go to their messages & click the first person & recruit, repeat as necessary. Note: best results if you recruit people that left recent messages, check the timestamps.
  5. Forum recruitment section.

Caution!!!Leaving links in-game might get you bountied.

Tips for a better army

Don't recruit people within 20-30 levels of you (either direction). This limits your attack options for the battle list (if you follow the "don't attack army" school of thought).
Learn to identify inactive accounts, don't recruit them. Inactive accounts often have (some) of these characteristics:

  • No win streak
  • No messages for about a month.
  • Not fully equipt
  • More losses than wins
  • comments like: are you there and why did you quit
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