entertainment Guide to not being farmed 101

While you are playing for social or other reasons, others are playing to farm you for the wealth you accumulate through the purchase of lands and properties. The best investment you can make is in weapons. The game dictates what you need to do to not be farmed.

The game is mathmatical, you need to manipulate the numbers in your favor. This is acomplished through skill placement, weapon selection and your current level. your current level is crucial because it determines total skill points placed by all at or in your attack and defensive range. If your farmed at lower levels this will only become worse as you go deeper into the game. Only you can prevent farming!

Rather than crunching numbers before you, I will discuss the strategy, you crunch the numbers, calculate, you will be rewarded.

If your planning on camping, becoming wealthy, others of course are planning to be wealthy off you. The deeper into the game you can go without placing skill points in mana and spirit, the more skill points can be placed in defence, helping you pull higher defensive numbers when attacked resulting in less to no farming. The only skill points used in camping are defensive. Use skill point placement to force slower movement, with greater protection.

Rather then spending your skill points as soon as you level, hold them till the end of the level. Allow the game to explain where you should place them.

Rather than put up with farmers use their heavy offensive set against them by giving yourselve enough offensive kick to do 30+ points of damage and kill them. You will have to limit your movement in skill point placement to pull high enough defensive numbers, to win their attacks, while still pulling high enough numbers to kill.

You have to decide how you want to play, the four hit limit is as friendly as your gonna get, along with critical condition protection, heaven in a war game? Warlords need to Xp to, invest in weapons.

It is also vital to bank every couple hours so farmers won't get alot of gold from you.

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