FAQ: PvP Basics

Skill Points: *You get 3 skill points per level that can be assigned. *Assign points as Attack, Defense, Mana, Spirit. Attack points contriubute to your over-all attack strength (the range can be found on the Stats tab of your profile). Defense points contriubte to your over-all defensive strength (the range can be found on the Stats tab of your profile). Adding Mana allows you to do a wider variety of quests and monster NPCs. Adding Spirit allows you to attack more players, monsters at once. *Points can be reassigned from Attack and Defense but NOT Mana and Spirit. Reassigning points requires marks and the cost increases with every transaction.
*See Skill Point Distribution for more information

Equipment: *You need one of each gear type (Weapons, Armor, Spells, Relics, Mounts) for each army member you can use per level. *Try getting the best gear for your level and build type.

Army: *See Recruiting

Battle List: *The Battle list shows players within range (Within 10 levels of you). At level 150, you only see other 150's. If you attack below your level, you use gear to match the lower level. (e.g. If you are level 10 (30 army) and attack a level 9 (27 army), you only use 27 army members. *You can attack higher level players via their profiles. You can't attack below your range. *Each attack costs 1 spirit. *When you attack other players, there is a chance to break (resulting in losing) your gear or the opponents gear.

*Players can't be attacked if their Health is below 25 hit points. Exception: you can attack them regardless of their health level if they are on the bounty list. *You can't attack a player more than 4 times per hour. If you attack them 4 times, they gain a guardian aura of protection. Exception: you can attack them if they are on the bounty list.


  • The bounty cost is composed the bountier AND the bounty target wealth only.
    • The bounty target wealth is the main component to the bounty cost.

The bounty cost triple after 15 bounties placed within the 3 days rolling window.

*The bounty cost increases for each bounty placed within a 3 days rolling window. The bounty cost increase is independent of the bounty target (the increase is for every bounties, not only for a specific player)

*A player remains on bounty until they are killed.

Gear selection *You will use the gear in your inventory that has the highest TOTAL points. If you have gear that has equal total points, you will use the highest Attack gear when attacking and the highest defense gear when defending.

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