Galaxia's Executive Archives & Records (GEAR) Team

The Original GEAR Team was composed of imjimsmith, Janus, Phantom, and Synapse . This group was selected by a popular vote in the forum.

Current GEAR Team Members:

Retired GEAR Team Members:

These individuals will be responsible for maintaining the Compendium and corresponding wiki site. They have no access to unreleased material or player information. They receive no in-game benefits, perks, and work solely on a volunteer basis.

CodXP Team

From the GEAR Team: Hello, and thanks for taking the time to learn more about the GEAR team. We're a group of players with a desire to create an easy-to-use reference for long-term players as well as create resources for new players to help them learn about the game we all enjoy. The Compendium is in a lot of senses an ongoing work in progress, and as we learn more about the capabilities of the wiki language, we hope to make the information easier to use and more intuitive to use.

If you have any suggestions, use the forum. All of us are active there and will gladly work to create pages you think would be helpful. We would like to work on a FAQ section, but need to know the frequently asked questions. Thanks in advance for your feedback. -jims

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