CodXP Volunteer Program (CVP)

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Gear The GEAR team are a group of volunteers who administrate the Compendium. Gm The GM team are a group of volunteers who are involved in game and provide support to new player joining Project Galaxia.


The CodXP Volunteer Program (CVP) is a group of volunteers who graciously share their free time in order to assist in a variety of tasks that all go towards supporting and enriching the players experiences in Project Galaxia. They answer questions from players, help hunt down and resolve problems, provide news and fiction as well as acting as good-will ambassadors throughout the community.

Requirements to join CVP

To apply for a position within CVP you need to be 18 or over and be an active player.

Apply to CVP

The process to apply to become part of the CodXP Volunteer Program would be described shortly.

If you achieve these requirements listed above then please follow the application instructions (to come), choose the team that you wish to apply for and answer the questions where applicable to the best of your ability.

Ingame Abilities

Volunteers have no in-game abilities. They do not have access to the account information of players nor do they have the ability to create items in the game. They do not receive special items or equipment for their player characters. Their actions are closely monitored and they are not privy to information that is highly confidential.


To those outside CVP, the program is mysterious and could be the object of misconceptions about what the volunteers can and cannot do. These misconceptions make the volunteers an easy target. We take accusations of abuse of power or other wrongdoing by the volunteers very seriously and investigate each thoroughly. If a volunteer has broken the rules, he/she has been swiftly dismissed.

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