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Primary Selection Feature:

The Primary Selection Feature located on the Inventory Page in-game allows players to manually select the artillery units they wish to enter battle with. The Primary Selection Feature overwrites the computer selection in both an attacking and defending battle engagement. The computer automatically selects a players best offensive unit for offensive scenarios and selects the best defensive units for defending scenarios.

Additional Information:

As stated already, the computer selects a players artillery units in battle based upon their attack and defense point characteristics. Most artillery units in the game, depending upon the element of the unit, have different attacking and defending point values. Due to these differences in attack and defense points, the computer selects a players artillery unit based on the attack and defense values, but neglects the affects of color on another color. In some cases, even though the computer had selected the best offensive or defensive unit based on points alone, the color of the other player in the battle engagement may have lead to a large disadvantage.

The Primary Selection Feature is an important tool for players in selecting the right color advantages in both offensive and defensive battle engagements.