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1. Profile Name:

Displays the Name of your Profile. It is possible to change your profile name, but a visit to the Arbitrators’ is required in order to complete this process.

2. Level / Race Type / Tagline:

Displays the race of your Profile and the current Level achieved. There are four races in Project Galaxia: Human, Lephram, Andarak, & Inok. It is not possible to change your race type, unless a full profile reset is completed.

More Information on Project Galaxia's Race Types

At Level 7, a player is granted access to create or modify a Tagline to be displayed on their Profile Page. This statement will be visible to all other players in Project Galaxia. A players' Tagline can be changed at anytime, without credit or merit cost.

3. Skill Allocation:

Displays the current skill allocation of your profile for all categories of the game; Attack, Defense, Max Life, Max Fuel, & Max Charges. This information can only be viewed from within your profile and is invisible to others in the game. This page allows a player to plan for future skill point distributions or realignments. A player can realign only Attack and Defense skill points; Life, Fuel, and Charges are not changable once assigned.

4. Artillery / Loot Inventory:

Displays a profiles’ entire inventory, from Investments, to Artillery Units, and even Loots gathered. From the Inventory page, players can select a custom fleet composition by utilising the Primary Selection Feature.

More Information on the Primary Selection Feature

5. Message History:

Displays the entire history of all communications with other players in the game including Private Wave Messages. Any or all messages on your profile can be deleted from this page.

For more information of Private Wave Messaging, see the Arbitrators' Section of the Help.

6. Exp. to Next Level:

Is a simple indicator displaying the Experience remaining before the next level is achieved. Similar to Skill Points, this information is invisible to others in the game.

7. Profile Stats:

Displays a Profiles’ gaming stats. This information can be viewed by other players in the game and is not invisible. The stats include; Missions, Army Size, Battles Won, Battles Lost, Win Streak, Longest Streak, Kills, Deaths, Loots, Assault Kills, Reputation, & Lottery Winnings.

8. Credit Investment / Upkeep:

Displays the amount of Investments / Upkeep a profile has accumulated. This information is invisible to other players in the game. This section is subdivided in to three categories; Property Income (Total or Gross Income), Equipment Upkeep (Investment Drag), & Net Income (Credits earned every payment cycle).

9. Elite Rankings:

Displays the current Elite Ranking a Profile has achieved through various in game exploits & actions.

For more information on the Elite Rankings of Project Galaxia, see the Elites Section of the Help or click below.

Elite Ranking Lists

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