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Note: the links to the 'More Information' pages have yet to be completed.

We look to build this section to house a great deal of information on Project Galaxia's game-play features and the game itself. This version of the Help could one day provide answers to frequently asked questions, as well as provide general oversight into strategies for playing Project Galaxia.

The game is complex, and with some time can provide hours of entertainment.

From the Home Page, players have access to the following information about the current status of their profile & Project Galaxia in general.

1. Credits:

Displays the current credit accumulation your profile has gathered from income generation and/or looting. You can earn credits by purchasing Investments, selling loots in the Tavern and/or performing Missions and Assaults. If clicked in game, you will be taken to the ‘Base’ where you can deposit your credits for safe keeping.

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2. Life:

Displays the current health level of your profile. A player can lose life when engaging with other players, Assaults, and certain Missions. You begin the game with 100 Life, which can be increased with Skill Points as you level up in the game. Your life will naturally regenerate 1 life for each timer cycle and will fully regenerate in 200 minutes. If clicked in game, you will be directed to the ‘Clinic’ where you can heal to full life using credits.

Link: More Information on the Clinic & Life

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3. Fuel:

Displays the Fuel level of your fleet. Fuel is required to perform Missions or conduct most Assaults. You begin the game with a cap of 200 Fuel, which can be increased with Skill Points as you level up in the game. Fuel naturally recharges 1 every 30 seconds and is required to purchase certain classes of Artillery. If clicked in game, you will be directed to the Arbitrators section where one can call on the Arbitrators to replenish your fuel using merits.

Link: More Information on Fuel

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4. Charges:

Displays the current charge level of your fleet. To enter battle with other players, 100 charges are required. You begin the game with a cap of 300 charges, which can be increased with Skill Points as you level up in the game. Charges naturally regenerate 10 every 30 seconds and are also required to engage Assaults. If clicked in game, you will be directed to the Arbitrators section where one can call on the Arbitrators to replenish your charges using merits.

Link: More Information on Charges & Battling

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5. Profile Link:

Displays the current level of your profile in the game. If clicked, you will be directed to your profile page, where a player can view their stats, income, and much more...

6. Level Indicator:

Indicates the Experience gained towards the next level. When filled completely you level up.

7. Menu:

Is a simple drop down Main Menu Tab, including the Settings & Help. This link remains on every page and is an easy way to get back to your profile’s main features.

8. Investments:

This is where a player can spend their credits on increasing their income. A player can purchase Raw Materials and/or Engineering. When purchased, an Engineering facility will consume the corresponding Raw Materials. Each time a successive Raw Material or Engineering facility is purchased, the base price increases from the last.

More Information on Investments

9. Profile:

From the Profile page you can view your Race, Stats, Experience, Income, Upkeep, Skill Points, Elite Rankings, view/change your Title, review your Inventory, select Primary Fleet, view profile message wall as well as your current Alliance membership.

More Information on the Profile Page

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10. Arbitrators:

Visit the Arbitrators to exchange merits for extra in-game features such as replenishing life, fuel, and charges. A player can also exchange merits for profile modifications (ex. Change a Profile name) and special profile bonuses (ex. Private Wave Messaging).

Link: More Information on the Arbitrators & Merits

11. Base:

The Base is a Data-Bank for a player to secure their credits for safe keeping. A 10% fee is deducted from each deposit, withdraws are free.

More Information on the Base

12. Army Code:

Displays your profile`s Army account number. If provided, other players can use this code to recruit you to their army.

13. Army of:

Displays the current number of Army members recruited. You can have an unlimited number of army members, but can only use an amount 3 times your level in battle against other players.

14. Help:

Visit the Help to discover an in-game explanation of all things Project Galaxia.

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15. Settings:

Visit the Settings to create a CodXP account in order to gain access to the forum and help the Devs if problems arise with your profile, as well as additional Profile options.

Link: More Information of the Settings Section

16. Forum:

Visit the CodxP Forum to follow in-game trends, developments, events, updates, problems or simply discuss various subjects of the game with other members of the community as well as the Devs.

The CodxP forums are also a great place to look for help. Many senior players are happy to provide tips, suggestions, and advice, and can also answer common questions.

17. Tavern:

Visit the Tavern to discuss the latest news in the game, sell/buy loots from other players, purchase tickets in the SNK lottery, and creating new Artillery units in the Lab.

Link: More Information on the Tavern

18. Elites:

The Elite Rankings are the top listings of the best players in Project Galaxia.

More Information on the Elite Ranking Lists

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19. News:

Displays the latest activity for a player’s profile in real-time including battle results, messages, and market sales.

20. Battle History:

Displays the latest battle activity for a player’s profile in real-time, this tab only represents recent battle and/or bounty activity.

21. Army History:

Displays the latest messages from a player’s army in real-time.

22. Updates:

Displays all updates, events, bug fixes, etc. as a timeline of in-game history.

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Note: As this game is highly interactive and contains a large amount of social inter-player discussion, it may contain mature content.

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