Alliance Registration Guide

Follow the steps below to complete the process for creating an Alliance


Join an Alliance: Lv. 15

Become a Commander and form an Alliance: Lv. 20

Steps to be Completed:

  • 1. Go to Army, then click on the "Alliance" Tab.

  • 2. Click on "Create" above the list of current alliances in the game.

Note* - Once named, an Alliance can not be renamed ~ Choose carefully''

  • 3. The Alliance has been created!

A player can now access their Alliance via two different avenues: a player could either go to Home, then click on Profile, after which the Alliance info is now displayed on their profile wall.

A shorter route is by clicking on the Level Indicator, just under where the credits are displayed, this avenue will also take you to your profile page .

Once at the Profile page, just click on Alliance Info to be taken to you our Alliance.

The second route is by clicking on Army, then switch to the Alliance tab, this will also take a player to their current Alliance.

Assigning an Officer to the Alliance: == Follow the steps below to complete the process for Assigning an Officer


Assigning Officers to an Alliance requires 30 Merits per Promotion.

Steps to be Completed:

  • 1. First go to the Arbitrators' Page, then click on Profile. Once there click on the Register button beside "Register a new Alliance Commander".

This assigns a new Commander slot to the Alliance.

  • 2. Now go to the Alliance / Members section of the Alliance. Click on the drop down arrow and select "Promote".

Once this is completed, the discharge button reappears as the promote button. Click on beside the player you wise to promote.

  • 3. That player will be Promoted to Officer with the same administrative privileges as the Commander.

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