Accessing Lv. 50 Alternate Account (Inok) TAKI Setup

Follow the steps below to complete the process of creating and accessing an alternate account

Once a player achieves Lv. 50, automatically a TAKI Message will appear beginning the process of setting up an alternate account.

Steps to be Completed:

TAKI 1/5:

Perform Mission - 4.1 Investigate the spacetime rift that opened

TAKI 2/5:

Perform Mission - 4.3 Aid the Inok in battle against the Caelumna
Engage the Assault Character - Caelumnan Android

TAKI 3/5:

Click Next

TAKI 4/5:

Click 'Yes' to create an alternate account or 'No' to remain as a single account player.

TAKI 5/5:

At this stage, a player is taken to the beginning of the TAKI Beginners Tutortial to name a new account profile. When the alternate account is given a name and created, a player is then directed to follow the TAKI Beginners Tutorial to activate the new account for service.

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