Event: The Space Pirates

There have been reports of incoming unrecognized fleet approaching the Galaxia System. Rumors are the incoming fleet is hostile, and belongs to the Space Pirates faction. All Galaxia fleets are given the alert signal as, with their current speed, the unidentified ships will be entering the System at approximately 2200 on Thursday, the 22nd of 2011.

A fearless foe: The Space Pirates

Space Pirates are well known from the old timers of the System. They come and go were the most loots are to be made. As the Galaxia System expanded and gained in reputation, it is now the target of many thieves and looters. But Space Pirates are much more organized, rankings from Pirate Officers to General Chief Pirate. The Arbitrator are also sharing the knowledge of the Space Pirates’ new found artillery, now mostly composed of the exceptional Ion element.

A Call to Battle: Engage the enemy

Prepare for battle, and bring your fleet to combat! All loots found during combat will be yours to keep, with the exception of the basic ingredients used in the Lab, which will be collected for further analysis when the battle is over. The Galaxia System will track all engagement on the battlefield, and will reward the best fleets with rewards and recognition!

Event Loots

LootTypeLooted FromElementUse
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