High Burst Ion

Note: When looted the Artillery has no element type, it must be assigned an element type through use of The Lab.

Base Item Specifications

Attack: 44
Defense: 17
Price: 56,000
Upkeep: 527
Fuel Cost: 0
Level Requirement: 69

Enhanced Item Specifications

Attack:53 Attack:62 Attack:71
Defence:21 Defence:24 Defence:28
Price:67,200 Price:78,400 Price:89,600
Upkeep:633 Upkeep:738 Upkeep:844
Fuel Cost:0 Fuel Cost:0 Fuel Cost:0

Looted From

4.8 Exchange New Artillery information to the Elders (Neutral High Burst)

Caelumnan Reaver (Neutral High Burst)

Lab Recipe

2x Element Plasma + 1x Non-Element High Burst

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