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Shields are one of the four Artillery components that comprise your fleet. The first Shields are available at level 3 and are one of the secondary Artillery you will buy to arm your fleet for battle.

The table and list below provides links to each type of Shield available, and indicates which elemental varieties are available (G-Gamma, I-Ion, P-Plasma, N-Neutronium). Within the Shield pages, you can find specifications about the elemental varieties and more details about the Shields. Within those tables you can find links to view the Shield detail pages.

Shield G I P N Level Price
Hull Patches Y N Y Y 3 20
Hull Reinforcements Y N Y Y 8 78
Reflective Shield Y Y Y Y 17 1,100
Primary Shields Y Y Y Y 23 900
Polarized Shields Y Y Y Y 30 3,500
Shield Reinforcers Y Y Y Y 38 9,000
Energy Absorber Y Y Y Y 52 17,000
Discharger Y Y Y Y 73 32,000

*Note: Level indicates the first availability. Some elemental varieties are not available at the level indicated. View the detail pages to see level availability by element. Likewise, the Fuel Cost and Price columns indicate the lowest Fuel Cost and Price for each type of Shield. Elemental varietals may require more fuel and may cost more.

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