Galaxia Data

Item Specifications

Attack: 0
Defense: 0
Price: 0
Upkeep: 0
Fuel Cost: 0
Level Requirement: 10

Looted From

Mission 2.5 - Meet Lephram scholars to extract crystal data


Mission 2.6 - Investigate the dark matter component

(Consumes 2x Galaxia Data)

Mission 3.2 - Protect the Galaxia data from the Caelumna

(Not Consumed)

Mission 3.7 - Discuss Galaxia data with Arkor Council

(Consumes 1x Galaxia Data)

Mission 4.6 - Help construct phase I of Project Galaxia

(Consumes 3x Galaxia Data)

Mission 4.9 - Discover Project Galaxia's Secret Weapon

(Consumes 2x Galaxia Data)

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