Floored by the abysmal failure that was Valentine's Day for the Drunken Pilot and Archive Thief, they decided for a night out on the Galaxy to enjoy a few pints and scare up some space tail. What followed was a raucous time to be sure, but not one they had anticipated.

As they raced through the Galaxy, careening wildly and dangerously close to points of interest, stoic Galaxian Fleet Commanders assaulted them ferociously to keep the void safe for sober travelers and fellow revelers.

As the explosions boomed and flashed in the deep, dark vacuum of space, the cretins dropped the goods they had been carrying on their reckless adventure.

Loots Available during Event:

Cloverleaf Star
Lephram Ale

How to Obtain Event Loots:

Drunken Pilot, Archive Thief, and all Boss assaults have a chance to drop loots.

Caelumnan Soldier
Caelumna Warrior
Caelumna Lieutenant
Commander Luciax
Caelumnan Primus Xanthar

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