Mother's Day Event

Friday May 11th to Sunday May 13th, 2012

For the first time, Galaxians' planned to celebrate Mother's Day throughout many sectors of Project Galaxia. As all Galaxians' love their Mothers, it was planned to be a special few days of showing thanks and appreciation.

But somehow, the Caelumnan had intercepted & deciphered message logs between Project Galaxian Fleet Commanders detailing the event. Being opportunist in nature, the Caelumnan planned to strike to disrupt the celebrations. It was a secretive assault that aimed to steal the gifts that were created for all Mothers of Galaxia. The assault was scheduled to start the night before the celebrations were planned to take place. The Caelumnan started by raiding and looting the supply vault containing Precious Stones in the outskirts of the Fornax System as well as the Herbarium in the Arkor system safeguarding the Stellar Bouquets. The surprise assault succeeded in stealing the new loots.

The next day, Galaxians' were stunned to find that most of the new loots had vanished. After a preliminary investigation in to the security systems of each raided location, it was discovered that the Caelumnan had orchestrated the whole thing. Since their success though, the Caelumnan had dispersed throughout Galaxia to reduce the effectiveness of Project Galaxia's superior numbers. A call to arms' was issued and Galaxians' began to hunt down the Caelumnan without mercy.

After a few hours of combat, the Caelumnan began to wish they had not attempted their bold but risky plans of disrupting such a special Galaxia Event.

Loots Available during Event:

Precious Stone

Spectral Bouquet

How to Obtain Loots During the Event
Drunken Pilot, Archive Thief, and all Caelumnan Boss assaults have a chance to drop these loots.

Caelumnan Soldier
Caelumna Warrior
Caelumna Lieutenant
Commander Luciax
Caelumnan Primus Xanthar

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