Feast of Easter - 2012

April, 6 2012 - April 8, 2012

Many years ago, the tradition of celebrating the Feast of Easter came to be expected in Galaxia. No fleet commanders have a true knowledge as to why the Feast of Easter is celebrated, though antiquated text try and draw meaning and apply significance to the celebration, but even the most trusted documents still cannot create a consensus.

Regardless of why the tradition was started, the Fleet Commanders always look to the Feast of Easter with excitement. It is, and has been, a time where disruptions abound, and the foreign Archive Thief and Drunken Pilot return from excursions abroad with rare items of interest. The loot is shared with the other enemies of civilized Galaxia, and the fleet commanders fervently attack relentlessly the forces of ill will to restore balance and covet the precious artifacts from another realm.

The 2012 Feast of Easter Event was no disappointment, and many remnants were procured by the active defenders of the system.

Loots Available During the Event

Bloody Stone
Bloody Stone

Jewelled Egg
Jewelled Egg

How to Obtain Loots During the Event

Drunken Pilot, Archive Thief, and all Boss assaults have a chance to drop these loots.

Caelumnan Soldier
Caelumna Warrior
Caelumna Lieutenant
Commander Luciax
Caelumnan Primus Xanthar

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