2nd Anniversary Event

After the Peace Accordance of 2010, the Andarak, Human, Lephram, (and later Inok) races realized relative peace in the Galaxian Empire. Knowing of the likely celebrations of the second anniversary of the accordance, the devious Caelumnans planned an assault that would catch the 'weaker' races by surprise and cement their supremacy while granting them access to the raw materials needed to complete the domination of the Known Sectors.

Though initial reports were sketchy, Fleet Commanders have sent in early dispatches outlining the reasons for the attack and an outline of some of the early invaders.

A Brief History From the Journal of Fleet Commander Honorbound

It has been a peaceful two years since the Human, Lephram, Andarak treaty, and technology flourished allowing for many discoveries and advancements along the way. During this time, another race called Inok were discovered through a spacial rift, and have since joined the coalition for peace.

But of course, as with everything, there is always an opposing force. The Caelumnans were an expected threat, and wanted no part of a treaty. They are a savage race, bent upon war and destruction and domination. They roam the galaxy pillaging and killing, never offering quarter. They have been busy these last months prepping and planning a four-stage attack to disrupt the two year anniversary celebrations.

In the Caelumnan home system, all citizens have been put on mandatory overtime building drones for the first stage of their operation. These new fleets of drones have been retrofitted with powerful and rare gear such as Reflective Shields, Spacetime Robotics, and the highly coveted stealth cargo ship. As well as the retrofits, they were also given a few previously unknown enhancements including Generators, Accumulators, and Reactors. Our spies among the Caelumnans have given us some valuable information on using the enhancements that we may salvage from the drones, as well as a list of the new mechanical abominations.

Initial Reports on the Drones as reported by Fleet Commander Honorbound

Vortex Drone: These are the front-line scouts; the first through the vortex. Defenses are weak and they crumble from attacks by even low-level Fleet Commanders. I worry that these are simply a distraction...
Suicide Drone: Following closely behind the Vortex Drones, these fleets have proven dangerous. They are programmed to close in on your fleet and self destruct. Keep cautious while engaging.
Fast drone: True to their name, these fleets are quick and deadly. They speed in and out of the fleets causing small (but rapid) damage, in many places. I liken this to a swarm of bees, or maybe the nastier hornets.
Desecrator Drone: These drones roam the battlefield stealing the bodies of the deceased, not allowing for a proper burial. The Caelumnans do not seem to be above the psychological warfare that the stories have foretold.
Shielding Drone: This fleet is one of the last lines of Caelumnans' defense. They appear to function as a shield for the much stronger, albeit slower fleets to follow. They also appear to cluster near the entrance to the rift from the Caelumnan system preventing fleet commanders from launching a counter-assault. 
Nightmarish Drone: The last and most powerful of the fleets observed to this point are appropriately titled. Many a defeated fleet commander will toss and turn while grasping at sleep as visions of these evil fleets float through the space meant for rest.

Surely the fleet commanders will rally and push back against this seemingly relentless force. As I retire to my chambers, I hold strong to the hope that the Peace Accordance will bind the sometimes-battling races long enough to restore relative peace to this Galaxian Empire I call home.

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