Project Galaxia Compendium - Assaults

Assault Character (NPC) Information

  • Note: Loot Drops are now represented by the color of their element type. Links can also be found in the Assault Character & Loot Drop columns of the table, if one is exploring for more specific information.
Assault Character NPC Lv. Unlock Fuel Charges Loot Drop Boss
Data Thief Lv. 2 Lv. 1 N/A 70 Light Laser No
Stray Debris Lv. 3 Lv. 1 N/A 95 Hull Patches
Artificial Gravity
Lephram Thief Lv. 6 Lv. 2 N/A 100 None No
Caelumnan Soldier Lv. 8 Lv. 35 185 Hull Reinforcements Yes
Caelumnan Vortex Drone Lv. 10 Lv. 8 30 185 Reactor I
Accumulator I
Generator I
Traitor Elder Lv. 13 Lv. 11 10 105 None No
Space Ghost Lv. 16 Lv. 14 13 107 Turret
Caelumnan Suicide Drone Lv. 17 Lv. 38 190 Reactor I
Accumulator I
Generator I
Fangor Beast Lv. 19 Lv. 16 15 108 Blaster
Caelumna Warrior Lv. 23 Lv. 19 40 200 Primary Shields
Primary Shields
Space Spectre Lv. 25 Lv. 20 17 110 None No
Deepspace Rogue Lv. 26 Lv. 21 21 112 Space Cruiser
Space Cruiser
Battle Robot Lv. 28 Lv. 23 33 115 Canon No
Caelumna Lieutenant Lv. 34 Lv. 28 45 213 Subspace Heavyfighter
Subspace Heavyfighter
Caelumnan Fast Drone Lv. 35 Lv. 35 120 Reactor II
Accumulator II
Generator II
Zoran Hive Queen Lv. 38 Lv. 32 35 110 Element No
Laran Wraith Lv. 40 Lv. 33 37 130 Element
Shield Reinforcers
Shield Reinforcers
Caelumnan Desecrator Drone Lv. 41 Lv. 50 250 Reactor II
Accumulator II
Generator II
Malfunctioning Probe Lv. 43 Lv. 36 38 130 Element
Berserk Andarak Lv. 46 Lv. 38 40 135 Element No
Commander Luciax Lv. 48 Lv. 40 53 298 Pulse Yes
Caelumnan Android Lv. 52 Lv. 42 51 317 Element
Energy Absorber
Caelumnan Shielding Drone Lv. 55 Lv. 53 330 Reactor II
Accumulator II
Generator II
Inok Seditionist Lv. 57 Lv. 47 55 332 Element
Fornaxian Howler Lv. 61 Lv. 50 59 351 Element
Inertial Dampeners
Inertial Dampeners
Inertial Dampeners
Caelumnan Primus Xanthar Lv. 64 Lv. 59 68 379 Element
Colonial Supply Ship
Colonial Supply Ship
Caelumnan Nightmarish Drone Lv. 61 Lv. 50 250 Reactor III
Accumulator III
Generator III
Caelumnan Reaver Lv. 79 Lv. 69 72 410 Element
High Burst

Loot Drop Legend / Key:

Often = Fornaxian Howler - Element
Occassional = Fornaxian Howler - Inertial Dampeners
Rare = Fornaxian Howler - Inertial Dampeners
Very Rare = Fornaxian Howler - Inertial Dampeners

List of & Links to all Assaults in Project Galaxia

Assault NPC storylines written by Fleet Commander Honorbound

  • Data Thief
    These miscreants rummage around the galaxy in search of data, however they can get it.
  • Stray Debris
    The remnants of great battles, who knows what you may find in there.
  • Lephram Thief
    These little delinquents will steal anything that is not nailed down, and even some things that are.
  • Caelumnan Soldier
    The lowest rank in the Caelumna Military, mandatory for every citizen to serve 4 years.
  • Caelumnan Vortex Drone
    These are the front-line scouts; the first through the vortex. Defenses are weak and they crumble from attacks by even low-level Fleet Commanders. I worry that these are simply a distraction...
  • Traitor Elder
    "Respect your Elders," and also keep a close eye on them.
  • Space Ghost
    The restless spirits of pilots who have perished, but are not quite ready to move on.
  • Caelumnan Suicide Drone
    Following closely behind the Vortex Drones, these fleets have proven dangerous. They are programmed to close in on your fleet and self destruct. Keep cautious while engaging.
  • Fangor Beast
    An animal so ferocious, it requires an entire squad to kill just one.
  • Caelumna Warrior
    Usually front line highly trained personnel with a bit more experience than Soldiers.
  • Space Spectre
    Unlike their ghost counterpart, these spirits hold a grudge against the living.
  • Deepspace Rogue
    Defects and deserters of various military and civilian races, most of whom are wanted.
  • Battle Robot
    An experiment in the Philax system, these machines now roam freely throughout the galaxy.
  • Caelumna Lieutenant
    Those who have served 8 years and completed the required tasks are given their commissions as Officers.
  • Caelumnan Fast Drone
    True to their name, these fleets are quick and deadly. They speed in and out of fleets causing small (but rapid) damage, in many places. I liken this to a swarm of bees, or maybe the nastier hornets.
  • Zoran Hive Queen
    Only one female at any time. If another female is born, the current queen is killed to make room for the new.
  • Laran Wraith
    These vicious spirits make the spectres seem as meek and mild as newborn kittens.
  • Caelumnan Desecrator Drone
    These drones roam the battlefield stealing the bodies of the deceased, not allowing for a proper burial. The Caelumnans do not seem to be above the psychological warfare that the stories have foretold.
  • Malfunctioning Probe
    The Human race created them for exploring space, but something went very wrong with the programming.
  • Caelumnan Android
    The Caelumna developed these horrific machines to fill their ranks.
  • Caelumnan Shielding Drone
    This fleet is one of the last lines of Caelumnans' defense. They appear to function as a shield for the much stronger, albeit slower fleets to follow. They also appear to cluster near the entrance to the rift from the Caelumnan system preventing fleet commanders from launching a counter-assault.
  • Inok Seditionist
    The leading member of the Inok resistance against the Caelumna.
  • Fornaxian Howler
    It is said that the cry from this animal can cause heart attacks in the weak and nightmares in the strong.
  • Caelumnan Nightmarish Drone
    The last and most powerful of the fleets observed to this point are appropriately titled. Many a defeated fleet commander will toss and turn while grasping at sleep as visions of these evil fleets float through the space meant for rest.
  • Caelumnan Reaver
    Centuries of genetic mutations and experiments have created this nearly perfect living soldier.

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